Idioms: stay in line -- stem to stern

stay in line obey the rules, behave well Stay in line, young man. We expect you to obey orders.
stay put stay where you are, do not move He took his dog out of the store and said, "Sit! Stay put!"
stay up not go to sleep, wait up for We stay up until the kids come home - if it isn't too late.
steal the show be the favorite performer, receive the most applause The little Peterson girl stole the show with her fine tap dancing.
steal your heart cause you to like or love, win the hearts The kittens will steal your heart. They're so cute and playful.
steal your thunder tell your news, reveal your main message If I mention the new product, will I steal your thunder?
steam up upset, excited, worried Poor Emil would get all steamed up when his car wouldn't start.
steamy portraying lots of sex, full of love scenes Love In The Park is a steamy movie. There's lots of action.
steer clear avoid, not go there I advise you to steer clear of the bridge. There's been a flood.
stem to stern (See from stem to stern)
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