Idioms: go for -- go hog wild

go for believe, accept I said I was late because of a flat tire, but Dad didn't go for that.
go for admire, desire Burt goes for Dolly, but Dolly doesn't like Burt.
go for a spin go for a ride in a car, take a drive Clyde stops the car and says to Bonnie, "Want to go for a spin?"
go for broke try your hardest, go all-out On my last jump I'll go for broke. I'll beat my best mark.
go for it try it, attempt it When he asked if he should climb the tree, we yelled, "Go for it!"
go for the jugular strike at the vital location, make the killing action, killer instinct From the lion we have learned to go for the jugular, to defeat our opponents without mercy.
go-getter (See a go-getter)
go great guns (See going great guns)
go haywire break, not work properly, break down They said they fixed the car, but it went haywire again the next day.
go hog wild have a wild celebration, go wild When the Stampeders won the Grey Cup, the fans went hog wild.
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