Idioms: ass [B] -- at bay

ass [B] buttocks, backside, butt Those jeans fit you, but they're a little tight around the ass.
ass into gear moving, working, doing After holidays, I'll get my ass into gear and paint the house.
ass on the line be accountable for an error or failure, take the rap I sent the package Overnight Air Mail, because my ass is on the line if it arrives late.
ass over teakettle falling over backwards, head over heels The cowboy knocked him off his feet - ass over teakettle!
at a glance with one look, a quick look I could see at a glance that the car was unsafe. A wheel was loose.
at a good clip fast, at a high speed When you passed us you were going at a pretty good clip.
at a loss for words unable to think of a reply or something to say When he asked why I wanted the vase, I was at a loss for words.
at a moment's notice with little warning, on short notice We may call you at a moment's notice - whenever we need help.
at all in any way, in the least "Are you sleepy?" "No. Not at all."
at bay at a distance, away from you The smoke keeps the mosquitoes at bay. They don't like smoke.
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