Idioms: have an inkling -- have it in hand

have an inkling know, be aware of, have a clue I didn't have an inkling that you loved him. I didn't know.
have at me criticize me, scold me, give you hell [B] Every time I come home late, my parents have at me.
have deep pockets have lots of money, be wealthy or well off Some people say the government has deep pockets, but we are the government. Do we have deep pockets?
have designs on want to take away from, envy, covet I have no designs on your job. Believe me. I don't want it.
have fun enjoy an activity or event, have a good time Did you have fun at the party? Did you enjoy it?
have half a mind to (See have a mind to)
have it both ways let it go and still have it, have your cake... You can't be married and single. You can't have it both ways.
have it coming deserve it, ask for it If you get fined for driving too fast, you have it coming.
have it in for (See got it in for)
have it in hand be able to control it, have it under control A fire started in the kitchen, but it's okay. We have it in hand.
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