Idioms: as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar -- ass

as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar very solid or stable, not movable or wobbly "What is the foundation made of?" "Concrete - it's as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!"
as sure as shit certain to happen, predictable, a foregone conclusion Robert will come, sure as shit. He comes every day.
as the crow flies the shortest distance between two places The farm is about ten miles northeast of town, as the crow flies.
as useless as a fifth wheel not useful, not needed, redundant, (four wheels are sufficient) I sat there watching the four of them play bridge, and feeling as useless as a fifth wheel.
as useless as tits on a boar not useful, not necessary, having no function Our toenails are useless - as useless as tits on a boar.
ask for it invite or deserve an attack When you called him a thief, you asked for it. You made him mad.
ask for the moon ask for a lot, ask for more than you need or want When we negotiate our salary let's try this strategy: Ask for the moon and hope for a 10% raise.
asking price a starting price, a price to begin negotiations The asking price for the lot was $29,500. It sold for $28,000.
asleep at the switch not alert, not watching, not paying attention If you're asleep at the switch, you won't learn much in class.
ass fool, dipstick, jerk Don't be an ass, Duddy. Stay in school and get your diploma.
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