Idioms: have it made -- have the balls [B]

have it made have achieved success, have everything you want Viv has a new home, two cars and a career. She has it made.
have it out argue, fight, settle it Jake and Dan had it out. They argued for more than an hour.
have it your way do what you want to do, get your way Have it your way. Choose the movie you want to see.
have my ears lowered get a haircut, have my hair cut When my hair is long, I go and have my ears lowered!
have my eye on (See got my eye on)
have my work cut out have a difficult task to do; a problem I must solve Our goal is to win the cup, so we have our work cut out for us.
have nookie have sexual intercourse, have sex, make love All he wants to do is have nookie - all the time!
have one on me have a drink and I will pay for it, this one is on me Put your money away, please. Have one on me.
have sex have sexual intercourse, make love She said that it's dangerous to have sex with several partners.
have the balls [B] (See got the balls)
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