Idioms: have a case of -- have a flat

have a case of be sick from, have a disease I was in bed. I had a bad case of the flu.
have a chair please sit down on a chair, have a seat "Please have a chair," my aunt said, and the man sat down.
have a clue know about the answer, know about the topic I didn't have a clue about the answer to Question 2.
have a conniption become very upset, have a fit Stop playing your violin, or Mom will have a conniption!
have a crush on (See got a crush on)
have a cow (See don't have a cow)
have a drag draw smoke through a cigarette, have a drag I'm out of cigarettes. Can I have a drag of yours?
have a fit become very excited, have a conniption Promise me you won't have a fit if I fail math.
have a fix take some drugs, get a fix, shoot up After he's had a fix, he's happy. The heroin satisfies his need.
have a flat have a hole in a tire, have a flat tire If you have a flat, phone a service station for help.
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