Idioms: harum-scarum -- hat trick

harum-scarum careless, disorganized, pell-mell Tag is a harum-scarum kind of game - no rules or referee.
has a mind of his own (See mind of his own)
has-been someone who has been skilled or famous Bobby now plays on a team of has-beens: The Old Timers.
has the cat got your... (See cat got your tongue)
has the makings has the potential, has the ingredients Darcy has the makings of a good teacher. He explains things well.
hash it over talk about it, discuss it, talk it over If I mention the lawsuit, he says, "We can hash it over later."
hassle (See a hassle)
hassle me bother me, bug me, give me a bad time If you hassle me about my kinky hair, I'll cut it all off.
hat in hand humble, almost begging If he doesn't find a job in town, he'll return to us, hat in hand.
hat trick one player scoring three goals in one hockey game Brad scored a hat trick in the game against the Blades.
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