Idioms: cash and carry -- cat got your tongue

cash and carry pay cash and carry it out of the store (no deliveries) The ad stated the terms of the sale: CASH & CARRY.
cash cow a source of much money, a profitable resource Alberta's cash cow - oil - is helping to balance the budget.
cash flow money spent on the operation of a business Calculate your weekly business expenses. That's your cash flow.
cash in receive cash for bonds or poker chips; profit from You're retired now. It may be time to cash in your bonds.
cash on the barrelhead pay cash to the owner at the time of purchase; cold, hard cash The old man said, "To buy my pony you'll have to pay $300 - cash on the barrelhead."
cash on the line pay the full price in cash to the seller I'll pay $200 for the bike - cash on the line.
cash up/cash out count all the cash at the end of a business day After you cash up, put the money in the safe and lock it.
cast a spell use charm or spiritual power to change people When Pavarotti sings, he casts a spell on his audience.
cast your vote vote in an election, mark your ballot Before you cast your vote, think carefully about the issues.
cat got your tongue why do you not speak? lose your tongue? Before I could reply, she said, "Cat got your tongue?"
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