Idioms: kill off -- kiss curls (hair style)

kill off kill all, kill every one The oil killed off the ducks in the bays along the coast.
kill ourselves laughing laugh hard, hoot, split a gut When the teacher wasn't looking we killed ourselves laughing.
kill the goose that lays the golden eggs lose or destroy the source of wealth If we pollute the environment, we kill the goose - we lose it all.
kill time wait, put in time, time to kill He was killing time waiting for a plane, so he phoned a friend.
kill two birds (with one stone) get two with one try, do two jobs on one trip If you sell and advertise at the same time, you kill two birds... .
killer instinct wanting to defeat the opponent, go for the jugular Mel is a fine tennis player, but he lacks the killer instinct.
killing me hurting me, causing severe pain These new shoes are killing me. Can we stop and rest?
King Shit on Turd Island the ruler, the person who tells everybody what to do He's been promoted to the rank of sergeant and he thinks he's King Shit already!
kiss ass [B] be nice to get favors, brown nose I won't kiss ass to get a job. I refuse to be a slave.
kiss curls (hair style) flat curls on the forehead or in front of the ears Teddi can't go out until her kiss curls are dry.
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