Idioms: give you static -- give your best

give you static criticize what you did, give you flack He gave me static for failing the exam. He said I can do better.
give you the axe fire you, dismiss you, get the axe (see get axed) "Why did they give her the axe?" "For stealing company money."
give you the benefit... (See the benefit of the doubt)
give you the boot fire you, dismiss you, down the road If you drink liquor at work, they'll give you the boot.
give you the cold shoulder be unfriendly toward you, turn away from you, stand away If you forget her birthday she'll give you the cold shoulder.
give you the gears fool you, tease you, josh you, pull your leg When Dad said you would have to pay for cleaning the carpet, he was giving you the gears.
give you the runaround (See the runaround)
give you the shirt off his back give you anything he owns to help you, bend over backwards Christian is a compassionate person. He will give you the shirt off his back.
give you what for lecture you, give you hell If you miss hockey practice, the coach will give you what for.
give your best (See give it your best shot)
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