Idioms: right on the money -- rip-snorting mad

right on the money (See on the money)
right, left and center (See left, right and center)
rigmarole (See what a rigmarole)
rile up become afraid, upset, worked up The horses get all riled up when they smell smoke.
ring a bell remind you, cause you to remember Does the name Kurelek ring a bell? Have you heard of him?
ring leader leader of a gang, leader of some criminals The ring leader, Tony Amano, helped the prisoners escape.
ring me phone me, call me, give me a ring Ring me when you get home from work. Tell me about your day.
ring off the hook receive many phone calls We put an ad in the paper. Now the phone's ringing off the hook!
rip-off (See a rip-off)
rip-snorting mad very angry, violent The bull got rip-snorting mad when he missed the toreador.
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