Idioms: first pancake is always spoiled -- five o'clock shadow

first pancake is always spoiled (See the first pancake is always spoiled)
first up first on the list, the first thing to do On our list of things to do, the broken copier is first up.
fish and company stink after three days fish should be eaten while it is fresh, and guests should not stay too long Grandfather had this sign on the wall of his garage: Fish and company stink after three days!
fish for a compliment hint that he wants a compliment If Al mentions cars, he's fishing for a compliment on his Jaguar.
fish or cut bait do it instead of talking about it, less talk and more action, shit or get off the pot You've been bragging about what a great cook you are, so you make dinner. It's time to fish or cut bait!
fishy not right, not fair, something smells "Why don't you like this deal?" "Because it's fishy. Nobody sells a Mercedes for such a low price."
fit as a fiddle very fit, in good physical condition Uncle Doug is fit as a fiddle. He does aerobic exercises.
fit to be tied very angry, mad, see red He was fit to be tied when you said the accident was his fault.
fits and starts moving unevenly, stop and go The new crew worked in fits and starts, not at a steady pace.
five o'clock shadow visible whisker growth toward the end of the day "If we're going out tonight I better shave my five o'clock shadow." "Don't bother, honey. You look good showing some beard."
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