Idioms: ex -- eyes glaze over

ex former wife or husband; girlfriend or boyfriend His ex got the Mercedes; he got the truck.
exit stage left departure, gonzo, out of here (outa here) When that bull got loose, I did an exit stage left!
expand your horizons experience or discover new ideas or goals or cultures Travel, read, discuss - expand your horizons!
eye candy something that is nice to look at, a beautiful object She was eye candy. I've never seen a more beautiful car!
eye for an eye (See an eye for an eye)
eye of a needle (See the eye of a needle)
eye of the storm (See the eye of the storm)
eye to eye (See see eye to eye)
eyeball this look at this, check this out, peep this Eyeball this, guys! My hair is curly!
eyes glaze over eyes express disbelief or "I've heard this before" When I told him I'd pay the rent next week, his eyes glazed over.
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