Idioms: reject out of hand -- ride herd

reject out of hand reject without thinking, throw away quickly If the apples aren't from B.C. he rejects them out of hand.
relate to that know about that, have experienced that He said he was afraid to speak in public. I can relate to that.
rented lips lips that mispronounce, lips that say strange words Did I say ossifer? I meant officer! Excuse my rented lips!
repay in kind give the same as you get, help one who helped you If you help a neighbor, he may repay in kind.
rest assured be sure, be certain, count on If Johnny said he would vote for Kim, you can rest assured he will.
rest his soul (God rest his soul) may his soul rest in peace; I hope his soul is peaceful I remember when Jock Reynolds (rest his soul) saved Pete's life.
rest my case have no more arguments, have completed my work After speaking for abortion for an hour, he said, "I rest my case."
rest on your laurels depend only on past success to help you, you're only as good... If you win an award, you can rest on your laurels, or you can set new goals.
rhyme or reason (See no rhyme or reason)
ride herd try to control a group; supervise children When my wife goes shopping, I have to ride herd on the kids.
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