Idioms: camel toes [B] -- can't help

camel toes [B] the folds of the vagina revealed by tight jeans When Betty wears her old jeans you can see her camel toes.
can (See the can)
can dismiss, fire, let go He was canned for drinking liquor at work. They dismissed him.
can help it can stop it, can prevent it Abortion won't become legal if he can help it. He's against it.
can it stop it, knock it off Miss Schmidt heard a boy say, "Can it! Here comes the teacher."
can of worms a controversial issue, an old problem Gun control - let's not open that can of worms!
can't believe my ears cannot believe what I hear, it is unbelievable The cat is babysitting the kids? I can't believe my ears!
can't believe my eyes cannot believe what I see, it is unbelievable When you walked into that cafe, I couldn't believe my eyes.
can't have it both ways you have to choose one or the other; cannot have your cake... When children are allowed to make choices, they learn that they can't have it both ways.
can't help cannot prevent, cannot stop I can't help crying at weddings. They make me feel sad.
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