Idioms: coin -- collect my thoughts

coin money, loot, dough, serious coin Wait till I get some coin. Then we can travel.
coin a phrase (See to coin a phrase)
cold call a visit to an employer or customer without an appointment Sam got a job by making cold calls - by knocking on doors and asking for work.
cold comfort very little comfort, satisfaction in theory not reality If Jim dies, having his money is cold comfort for his wife.
cold feet (See get cold feet)
cold shoulder (See give you the cold shoulder)
cold turkey abruptly, completely, not gradually Barb stopped smoking, cold turkey. No plan, no program.
cold, hard cash actual money, dollar bills; not a check or credit card No checks - I want cold, hard cash for that car.
coldcock punch without warning, jump Buddy coldcocked the pitcher - hit him when he wasn't looking.
collect my thoughts think calmly and clearly, organize my thoughts She was glad when the kids left so she could collect her thoughts.
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