Idioms: where do they get off -- white elephant

where do they get off where do they get the right? how come? Where do they get off telling me to slow down? Who asked them?
where it's at where important things are happening, where the action is China - that's where it's at today. Their society is changing; their economy is growing.
where the rubber hits the road where the theory is tested, when the action begins; the nitty-gritty In the workplace, you apply what you've learned - that's where the rubber hits the road.
where there's a will, there's a way when we are determined we find a way to succeed, when the going gets tough The manager of the charity held up this sign: WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY!
where's the loo where is the bathroom? where is the can? When Bev is looking for a bathroom she says, "Where's the loo?"
whet your appetite improve your appetite, cause you to be hungry How about an aphrodisiac to whet your appetite?
whew expression of relief after escaping danger, thank goodness Whew! That was close! I nearly lost my false teeth!
whip you defeat you, beat you in a game, wipe you Jason says he can whip you in a game of tennis. Can he beat you?
whip you into shape help you become fit, improve your fitness These aerobic exercises will whip you into shape.
white elephant a purchase that was not used, a useless object Should we take the statue of Stalin to the White Elephant Sale?
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