Idioms: by any means -- by its very nature

by any means any way or method, by doing any job He survived by any means when he first came to Canada.
by any stretch... (See not by any stretch of the imagination)
by cracky you listen to what I say, this is the truth, by gosh This is serious, by cracky! We're lost and we have no water!
by dint of as a result of, because of By dint of her efforts alone, this family is happy and healthy.
by golly I am surprised, impressed; by gosh By golly! She did it. She made a cherry pie!
by gosh what an experience, this is interesting, by golly Well, by gosh! This is my first look at Niagara Falls!
by guess or by gosh any way that is possible, by chance How did I learn to speak French? By guess or by gosh, that's how.
by heart memorized every word, down pat Eva knew the speech by heart. She didn't look at her notes.
by hook or by crook any way that is possible, by any means He'll get that car - by hook or by crook! He'll get it somehow.
by its very nature because of its natural habits, because it is that way A dog, by its very nature, is dependent on humans.
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