Idioms: brain -- bread

brain (See what a brain)
brain drain emigration of intelligent people If Canada's best professors move away, it's called a brain drain.
brain is fried brain is very tired or ruined by drug abuse After writing six exams, my brain was fried - too much studying!
brain storm think of ideas together, think tank Our family decided to brain storm the problem of wasting food.
brain traffic thoughts and information moving through the brain I wish I could turn off my mind when brain traffic is too heavy.
branch office an office in another location or city Please contact our branch office in your town or city.
branch out open a second office/store, expand a company Business is very good. It may be time for us to branch out.
brand new/ brand spanking new not used at all, just off the assembly line Imagine a brand new Mercedes in an accident. What a shame!
bravo great, wonderful, more, encore "Bravo! Bravo!" the audience roared. They loved Heppner's singing and were shouting for more.
bread money, cash, dough Hey, man, we need more bread if we're gonna buy cigarettes.
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