Idioms: family jewels -- fast lane

family jewels (See the family jewels)
family tree chart of ancestors, record of parents' forefathers Bo is helping me to research my family tree - my ancestors.
famous last words a prediction that is false - the opposite happens, twist of fate "We don't need a spare tire. We never have flat tires on this car." "Sure. Famous last words!"
fancy footwork neat maneuvers, clever moves You did some fancy footwork to answer their questions. Bravo!
far cry (See a far cry)
far out unbelievable, fantastic, wow When I wear my bikini, he says, "Far out!"
fart around [B] play instead of work, goof off, hang out When we were kids we used to fart around at my uncle's store.
fart in a windstorm [B] (See a fart in a windstorm)
fast friends close friends, permanent friends Sue and I became fast friends when we were in Grade 4.
fast lane (See life in the fast lane)
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