Idioms: at sixes and sevens -- at the wheel

at sixes and sevens not in agreement, confused, in a state of confusion, arguing, at loggerheads Parents and teachers are at sixes and sevens over sex education.
at stake what you could lose or gain If you're involved in a crime, your career may be at stake.
at the crack of dawn at the first sign of light, at first light At the crack of dawn he would rise, wash and go for a walk.
at the drop of a hat without hesitation, quickly He'll argue at the drop of a hat. He likes to argue.
at the end of my rope/ at the end of my tether losing control of myself, losing patience (see lose patience) Babysitting five kids, I was at the end of my rope.
at the hands of while competing against, when fighting It was at the hands of his former student that he was defeated.
at the ripe old age at a very old age; being unusually old He could still play checkers at the ripe old age of ninety-eight.
at the top of her game at her best, playing as well as she can If Val's at the top of her game she can defeat Olga.
at the top of his voice as loud as he can, shouting loudly Ben called for help at the top of his voice. "Help!" he shouted.
at the wheel driving a car, steering a car or truck Who was at the wheel when the car went off the road?
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