Idioms: how are you fixed for -- how it plays out

how are you fixed for do you have enough? how many do you have? How are you fixed for diapers? May I borrow one?
how are you getting along are you able to do it? are you okay? how are you doing "How are you getting along at the new school, Gail?" "Fine. I like my subjects."
how are you making out are you able to do the job? have you made progress? how are you doing The manager came to my office and said, "How are you making out? Finished the report?"
how come why? how do you explain it? How come you're going home? Don't you want to play?
how do you do hello, nice to meet you, good day, howdy "Mr. Grant, I'm Ken Blair, the new bank manager." "How do you do, Mr. Blair."
how do you like them apples do you like this better? do you like that choice? tough bananas If you don't like the bed, you can sleep on the floor. How do you like them apples?
how does that grab you how do you feel about that? A holiday in Greece - how does that grab you?
how goes it is your life good? how are you doing "How goes it?" said my friend. "Not bad," I replied.
how goes the battle are you winning the battle of life? are you okay? "How goes the battle?" Jo asked. "I win and I lose," Pat replied.
how it plays out how it happens, how it ends how it pans out The new policy is supposed to improve sales, but we'll see how it plays out.
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