Idioms: wheels fall off -- where angels fear to tread

wheels fall off (See the wheels fall off)
when in Rome, do as the Romans do when you are a visitor do the same things as your hosts do When I visit an Asian country, I learn the customs, and do as the "Romans" do.
when it comes to when this is the topic, when we talk about this When it comes to cars, I like GM. I would buy a Chev or a Pontiac.
when it rains it pours when it comes we get too much, feast or famine "Tonight we don't have enough chairs for everybody." "When it rains it pours!"
when push comes to shove when people fight, when the fighting begins, when the going gets tough The workers are demanding a fair wage. When push comes to shove, we may have to call the police.
when the chips are down when the right decision must be made, when you must win When the chips are down - when we are losing - we play better. We need to be challenged.
when the crunch comes when there is less money, when the economy fails When the crunch comes, we'll have our mortgage paid off!
when the dust settles when the fight is finished, when it is calm again, when the lights go on Abortion is a serious issue, but when the dust settles, women will be able to choose.
when the going gets tough when there are problems, when progress is difficult When the going gets tough, we need people with a good attitude.
where angels fear to tread where even the angels fear to go, where danger is They were using a ouija board - going where angels fear to tread!
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