Idioms: it never fails -- it was Greek to me

it never fails it always happens, time and again It never fails - when I get in the shower, the phone rings.
it never rains but it pours when it comes we get too much, feast or famine "Tonight we don't have enough chairs for everybody." "It never rains but it pours!"
it occurs to me this thought comes to my mind It occurs to me that we won't meet again until Christmas.
it phased me out it caused me to feel uneasy, throw you I was nervous when you did the bungee jump. It phased me out.
it seems to me it is my opinion, it is my view It seems to me that Don expects us to phone him every week.
it strikes me this is clear to me, this is my impression It strikes me that we share many interests and activities.
it takes one to know one one type of personality recognizes the same type "Elizabeth is such a fool!" "Takes one to know one."
it takes two to tango some things you cannot do alone; you need a friend to experience life; two can share, fight, dance, love...; it is better to have loved and lost... Life is a dance. It takes two to tango!
it was a lark it was easy, it was fun, a piece of cake I learned to shift gears on a Peugeot. It was a lark!
it was Greek to me I could not understand the subject; it was like a foreign language When he asked me what I had learned about DNA, I replied, "I don't know. It was Greek to me."
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