Idioms: take up the slack -- take your pick

take up the slack do somebody's work, fill in When I'm away, Hal takes up the slack. He does my job.
take with a grain of salt (See take it with a grain of salt)
take you down a peg (See knock you down a peg)
take you for all you've got take all your money by suing you or cheating you If she divorces you, she could take you for all you've got.
take you in give you shelter and food, take care of Will your relatives take you in if you lose your job?
take you to court sue you, bring a lawsuit against you If you don't pay for the damage, they could take you to court.
take you to task ask you to explain, haul you up on the carpet Did Reverend Klinck take you to task for drinking beer? Did he tell you drinking is a sin?
take you to the cleaners defeat you badly, win by many points If you play checkers with Lars, he'll take you to the cleaners.
take your lumps endure bumps and hits, suffer through injuries To play hockey, you have to learn to take your lumps.
take your pick choose one, say which one you prefer You can have Coke or Pepsi. Take your pick.
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