Idioms: life is not all guns and roses -- light in the loafers

life is not all guns and roses life is not all war and love, life is not like the movies, come down to earth After World War II, some people had to learn that life is not all guns and roses.
life of Riley (See the life of Riley)
life of the party (See the life of the party)
life on the edge (See live on the edge)
life you lead the way you live, lifestyle; lead a life The life we lead here is based on respect for human rights.
lifer a person who has been sentenced to life in prison The lifers all sit at the same table in Hampton Penitentiary.
lift a finger help someone, do anything to help Loki is my friend, but he didn't lift a finger when I needed help.
lift my spirits cause me to be happy, give me a lift Music will lift our spirits. Let's listen to some Mozart.
light at the end of the tunnel a sign of progress, feeling hopeful because you will soon be finished After four years of study, I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I would soon graduate.
light in the loafers homosexual, gay, fag Just because he likes to sew, you think he's light in the loafers.
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