Idioms: see me for dust -- see your way

see me for dust not see me because I leave so fast, tail lights If a sumo wrestler was chasing me, you wouldn't see me for dust.
see red become angry, burn up When she interrupts me, I see red. I get really angry.
see the light understand, become aware Now I see the light. I understand. You multiply first, then divide.
see the light of day be exposed, be revealed The treasure was buried, never again to see the light of day.
see through see the real reason, see your motive Mom saw through me. She knew I wanted the money for cigarettes.
see to it/see to that be certain that it is done, be responsible for doing it The doors should be open at 7. Ken, will you see to that?
see you stuck (See won't see you stuck)
see you through allow you to survive, help you pay the bills Here's $100. Will that see you through till the end of the month?
see you/see your match your bet, bet as much as you did I'll see your $50 and raise you $100. That's my bet.
see your way be able to, afford to Can you see your way to give $50 to the Food Bank?
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