Idioms: sell the farm -- sentence to death

sell the farm over-react, sell everything to invest in a new venture They've discovered diamonds in B.C., but don't sell the farm, eh.
sell yourself short not mention some of your skills or qualifications If the employer asks about your awards, don't sell yourself short.
seller's market sellers are receiving high prices, a good time to sell, firm market Real estate prices are high. It's a seller's market.
selling point best feature, nicest part The Peugeot's strongest selling point is comfort.
send a bouquet compliment a person, announce a compliment I would like send a bouquet to the volunteers at the Food Bank.
send him flying trip him, cause him to fall, ass over teakettle His motorcycle hit a rock and sent him flying into the ditch.
send him up send him to prison, find evidence to convict him The criminal threatened to kill the policeman who sent him up.
send-up (See a send-up)
sense of humor ability to see a joke; knowing what is funny He has a broad sense of humor. He laughs at himself and others.
sentence to death say that a person will be killed because he is guilty After the jury said he was guilty, the judge sentenced him to death.
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