Idioms: on a roll -- on cloud nine

on a roll having good luck, lucky streak I'm gonna play bingo all night. I'm lucky - I'm on a roll!
on a silver platter like a beautiful gift, served in style Success won't come on a silver platter. You have to work for it.
on a string controlled by a person, wrapped around his finger He's got you on a string, Bonny. Are you thinking for yourself?
on about (See go on about)
on all fours on your hands and knees, crawling around There was Julie, on all fours, looking for her contact lens.
on an empty stomach without food in your stomach, on a full stomach He never has a drink on an empty stomach. He says it affects his appetite.
on approval taking a purchase home to decide if you want it I buy clothes on approval so I can return them if they don't fit.
on behalf of representing a group, acting for a group He presented the award to me on behalf of the community club.
on board loaded on a vehicle, riding on a boat etc. Two thousand passengers were on board the ship to Canada.
on cloud nine very happy, riding high When Bev received her diploma, she was on cloud nine.
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