Idioms: open to question -- out in the cold

open to question not clearly correct, debatable Your decision to allow liquor at the party is open to question.
open up talk openly, express feelings When we become friends, I'll open up with you - I'll share.
open up a big can of whoop-ass punish, discipline, whup your ass If you don't stop jumping on the couch, I am going to open up a big can of whoop-ass!
other fish to fry (See bigger fish to fry)
ounce of prevention (See an ounce of prevention)
out and out bold, not hidden, a bare-faced lie The advertisement was an out-and-out lie. It contained no truth.
out cold unconscious, knocked out Liam is out cold. A baseball hit him on the side of the head.
out for blood trying to defeat or hurt, seeking revenge The Jets are out for blood tonight because they lost 7-0 last night.
out in left field not logical or sensible, all wet Don't listen to his advice. He's out in left field.
out in the cold not included in a group, not invited He was left out in the cold because of his religious beliefs.
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