Idioms: make sense -- make the team

make sense appear to be logical or sensible Renting a car makes sense to me - if it's not too expensive.
make sense of it understand it, fathom it, see how it happened He is my father, but I am not his son. Can you make sense of it?
make something of it (See want to make something of it)
make something of yourself be successful, be respected for your skill and honesty I want to choose an occupation and make something of myself.
make strange be afraid of a stranger, cry when a stranger comes Ali makes strange when we have visitors. He cries and tries to hide.
make sure be certain, check carefully Make sure you mail the letter. It must be sent today.
make the bed arrange the sheets and blankets on a bed Please make the bed before you eat breakfast.
make the grade do acceptable work, measure up To make the grade, you have to complete the training program.
make the most of it do the best you can, seize the opportunity When you speak, make the most of it. Persuade them not to fight.
make the team become a member of the team Paul will make the soccer team. The coach will choose him.
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