Idioms: walk a straight line -- wall flower

walk a straight line walk without staggering, show that you are sober If you can't walk a straight line, don't drive a vehicle.
walk down walk along, walk on We walked down the road to the lake. It was a nice day for a walk.
walk of life lifestyle, occupation, vocation People from all walks of life eat at Fabio's Restaurants.
walk on eggshells be very careful, on tenterhooks, watch your step Your son is so afraid of making a mistake he's walking on eggshells.
walk the plank be forced to jump overboard or be killed, be forced to leave or quit If you get caught stealing from the company, you'll have to walk the plank.
walk the talk do what you talk about doing, practice what you preach If we advise people to recycle, we should recycle. We have to walk the talk.
walk through read or perform slowly, practice slowly At our first rehearsal we walked through the first act of the play.
walk-through inspect the house you are buying just before you become the owner The day before we moved into our new home, we did a walk-through with the real estate agent.
walk up walk along, walk on, walk in They walked up and down the hall, waiting for the doctor.
wall flower a girl who is not invited to dance, no shrinking violet I won't go to the party because I feel like a wall flower when the boys don't ask me to dance.
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