Idioms: down for the count -- down the hatch

down for the count defeated by an opponent, out of the contest Chad was down for the count. He couldn't get up.
down home simple but good, old fashioned Hey, Ma. I can't wait to taste your down-home cookin'.
down in the dumps sad, not happy, depressed, down in the mouth Shelly was down in the dumps until her boyfriend arrived.
down in the mouth looking sad, having a sad face, a sad sack You'd be down in the mouth, too, if you'd just lost your job.
down my throat (See shove down my throat)
down on his luck not lucky lately, not happy or positive With no money and no job, Ragnar was down on his luck.
down pat memorized, just right Flora had her speech down pat. She had practised it many times.
down the drain lost, wasted, squandered His fortune went down the drain when he began to gamble.
down the garden path (See lead you down the garden path)
down the hatch down the throat and into the stomach Another pickled egg went down the hatch. Yum!
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