Idioms: take charge -- take him out

take charge be in control, supervise Jim will take charge while I'm away. He'll be your supervisor.
take cover hide, find a safe place If the soldiers begin shooting, you guys take cover.
take drugs use drugs, do drugs When I take that drug, I feel sick at my stomach.
take effect have an effect, cause a change In two minutes the drug will take effect and you will feel sleepy.
take exception to be upset about, object to, complain about Vern will take exception to any questions about ethnic origin.
take five rest for five minutes, take a break We've been working hard this morning. Let's take five.
take for granted expect, assume His support cannot be taken for granted. We must ask him.
take heart have courage, be strong When we had troubles, Grandpa said, "Take heart, my children."
take him down a peg push him to a lower place, get off your high horse Ali was too proud. Somebody had to take him down a peg.
take him out defeat him, eliminate him Wei entered the tournament, but Jo took her out in the first round.
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