Idioms: wreak havoc -- wysiwyg

wreak havoc damage, destroy, lay waste, trash the place If the workers get mad, they'll wreak havoc in the warehouse. They'll wreck the place.
write it off say it is a financial loss, call it a business expense, deduct it from income Don't worry about the cost of my plane ticket. I can write it off as a business expense.
write up record in writing, prepare a written account I've been asked to write up a list of the winners for the newspaper.
writer's block being unable to think of something to write I told the teacher I couldn't do the paper because of writer's block.
written all over your face showing on your face, body language, read you When you heard that Italy lost the World Cup, disappointment was written all over your face.
written in blood like a law, binding, cannot be changed Now that his name is written in blood, he's a member of our gang.
written in stone written in final form, like a commandment Our agreement isn't written in stone; it can be changed.
wuss weak person, chicken, wimp "Who is the most famous wuss?" "Mr. Bean?" "Right!"
wysiwyg what you see is what you get (if you are lucky) The printer is supposed to print what you see on the computer screen - wysiwyg!
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