Idioms: up shit creek [B] -- up to no good

up shit creek [B] in a bad situation, in a fix If we lose our matches, we're up shit creek. We need a campfire.
up the ante increase the payment, increase the deposit If they up the ante to $50, I won't enter the hockey pool this year.
up the creek in a predicament, in difficulty, in a jam Without insurance, you could be up the creek if there's a fire.
up the stump [B] pregnant, a bun in the oven She didn't use a contraceptive, so she's up the stump again.
up the wahoozey a lot, more than needed, coming out of our ears The Burnsides are so rich they have money up the wahoozey!
up to planning, doing What are you up to? Are you planning another fishing trip?
up to date recent, current The radio reports events as they happen. The news is up to date.
up to it have enough energy to do it, up for it "Would you like to play another game of badminton?" "No, I don't think I'm up to it."
up to my ears have too many, coming out of our ears You're selling books? I'm up to my ears in books!
up to no good doing bad things, causing problems Tom's up to no good these days - stealing drugs and selling them.
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