Idioms: take sides -- take the heat

take sides support one person or group in an argument The mayor refused to take sides in the fight to save the hospital.
take solace find peace, find comfort It was a bad fire, but I take solace in the fact that no one died.
take that you deserve that, you have it coming Take that, you devil! And that! I'm very angry at you!
take the blame receive the blame, accept the blame, take the rap Sometimes innocent people offer to take the blame for crimes.
take the bull by the horns control the problem, be firm, take charge If the class is noisy, the teacher must take the bull by the horns.
take the bus/plane ride on the bus or plane, catch a plane Lee never takes the bus. He prefers to ride his bicycle.
take the cake is the worst or the weirdest or the funniest etc. Of all the people I've met, you take the cake! You're the wildest!
take the chill off make the room warmer, start the furnace/fireplace An electric heater will take the chill off in the evening.
take the flack listen to the complaints, take the heat When children cause trouble, their parents take the flack.
take the heat listen to the questions from the police or public Vern took the heat, but Al stole the drugs. They blamed Vern.
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