Idioms: happy as a peacock -- hard done by

happy as a peacock very happy, very pleased If you tell Alice she's beautiful, she'll be happy as a peacock!
happy as a pig in shit [B] very happy, contented "Does Caleb like farm life?" "He's happy as a pig in shit."
happy camper a person who is happy most of the time Jack's a happy camper today. He's smiling and whistling.
happy hour an hour (or hours) when bar drinks are cheaper Adam has invited me to the lounge for happy hour.
happy motoring have a good trip in your car The slogan of the auto club is Happy Motoring!
hard as nails tough, not sympathetic The lawyer was as hard as nails. He felt no pity for anyone.
hard at it working hard, as busy as a beaver When the foreman returned, the workers were hard at it.
hard copy printed page(s), paper with printed words or pictures You can check your work on the computer screen, but it's easier to find errors on hard copy.
hard day (See a hard day)
hard done by overworked, asked to do too much With all the help Bonnie gets, she's not hard done by.
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