Idioms: curiosity killed the cat -- cut above

curiosity killed the cat a very curious person may find trouble or danger Don't ask so many questions. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.
curl up with a good book sit down in a comfortable place and read a book On a cold and rainy day she likes to curl up with a good book.
curl your hair shock you, disgust you The man described the accident. It was enough to curl your hair!
curtains the end, the death, the last of If we clear-cut Canada's forests, it's curtains for the lumber industry.
cushy soft, luxurious, comfortable They had a cushy life in their beautiful home beside the ocean.
cuss curse, say bad words, the air was blue The little boy had learned to cuss. He said damn and hell a lot.
cut defined, clearly visible Neil's muscles are well cut. They ripple when he moves.
cut a fine figure look very good in your clothes, look sharp When Dee was in her twenties she cut a fine figure in this fur jacket.
cut a wide swath do many things - party, play sports, live and love Tim cut a wide swath in his youth. He lived a full and active life.
cut above (See a cut above)
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