Idioms: keep them straight -- keep you honest

keep them straight know the difference, be able to identify them Mo, you have so many relatives. How do you keep them straight?
keep to yourself be alone, not associate with people When I'm feeling sad, I keep to myself. I like to be alone.
keep track check, count Keep track of the time you work at the computer. Keep a record.
keep under wraps keep something hidden, not show or talk about Details of the program were kept under wraps until the election.
keep up go as fast as the others, keep pace In typing class, I can't keep up. I can't type as fast as the others.
keep up the good work continue to do good work, 'at a boy I like to hear my supervisor say, "Keep up the good work."
keep up with the Joneses buy what the neighbors buy, keep pace I can't afford to keep up with the Joneses. I'm not rich!
keep up with the times be aware of new methods and trends, stay abreast Reading newspapers will help you keep up with the times.
keep you going provide money or food or energy, get by If you can't stop for lunch, drink some juice to keep you going.
keep you honest keep you from lying, cause you to be truthful Your child's questions will keep you honest. You can't lie to kids.
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