Idioms: what-if -- what the Sam Hill

what-if plan, theory, hypothesis We did a what-if on the computer to see when the world will die from pollution.
what in tarnation what is this? what the hell [B] What in tarnation? Where did you get that dinosaur?
what in the name of heaven what is that? what's going on You built a gazebo? What in the name of heaven is that?
what in the world what is happening, what is it? What in the world is that? It looks like a space ship!
what it boils down to what it really means, the bottom line What it boils down to is this: we don't have enough money.
what the dickens where did it go? how do you explain it? What the dickens did you do to your hair? Who cut it off?
what the hay who cares? why worry? The hood blew off my car, but what the hay - who needs a hood?
what the heck why bother? it does not matter Bing and Ko are getting married. What the heck! I don't care.
what the hell [B] why? how? what the heck What the hell is he doing with my diary? Where did he get it?
what the Sam Hill what happened, what the hell, what is it? What the Sam Hill did you do to my bike? The gears won't shift.
Sam Hill is considered to be a soft replacement for hell or damn.
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