Idioms: down the line -- down to the wire

down the line in the future, later, down the road Down the line, we'll meet again and laugh about our disagreement.
down the pike toward us, at us, what's going down Management keeps sending complaints down the pike, and we don't send anything back!
down the road dismissed, fired Disagree with the boss and you'll soon be down the road.
down the road in the future, in a few years We plan to have an office in both cities - but that's down the road.
down the tubes lost or gone, ruined, up the creek You have to advertise, or your business will go down the tubes.
down to a T perfectly, exactly, down pat Sharon is wonderful in the play. She has her part down to a T.
down to brass tacks (See get down to brass tacks)
down to earth humble, not proud, the salt of the earth I like Mrs. Wilson because she's so down to earth, so natural.
down to the short strokes nearly finished a job, almost completed a task "How's it going? Are you nearly finished?" "We're down to the short strokes - we just have to paint the doors."
down to the wire to the last minute, near the end The first two games went down to the wire - very close scores.
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