Idioms: take my hat off to -- take on

take my hat off to show respect for someone, praise a person's work I take my hat off to Roger. He has promoted business in our town.
take my head off shout at me, say angry words to me You don't have to take my head off when I ask where you're going.
take my place sit or park where I usually sit or park Mommy, he took my place! He's sitting in my seat!
take oath say that something is true, give my word of honor He took an oath that he is the child's father. I believe him.
take off leave by plane, depart on a plane Our plane takes off at 10:35. We have to go to the airport.
take off, eh go, leave, beat it, buzz off, get lost When he asked for my phone number, I said, "Take off, eh."
take offense be hurt, feel offended Jan takes offense easily. Don't be critical of her poetry.
take on fight, challenge Mac wanted to take on Ted, but Ted didn't want to fight.
take on agree to do, accept a responsibility I'm very busy. I can't take on any more work right now.
take on employ, hire, hire on AmCorp is taking on workers. Should we apply for a job?
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