Idioms: put it -- put on airs

put it say it, express it She said, "He's my favorite cowboy." That's how she put it.
put it on the bill charge a purchase, charge it, run a tab When I buy something at the grocery store, I put it on the bill.
put me on (See putting me on)
put my finger on it (See can't put my finger on it)
put my foot down say no, say you cannot do that, no way When the kids ask if they can go to a restricted movie, I put my foot down.
put my neck on the line risk my job or safety, stick my neck out As a manager, I'll put my neck on the line for a good employee.
put off upset, unhappy, miffed, put out about He was put off when Nola refused to go out with him.
put off do it later, postpone We've put off the wedding until Chad completes his education.
put on a pedestal (See on a pedestal)
put on airs pretend you are better or richer or smarter Martha would never put on airs. She is very sincere.
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