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Narrated by Ralph Cosham
Written by Richard Adams

The Blessing of El-ahrairah 
The King's Lettuce 
The Trial of El-ahrairah
El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inlé
Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog

These are stories about the legendary hero of rabbits, El-ahrairah, and his trusty companion, Rabscuttle — as told by Dandelion to his friends Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Pipkin, and others. Important Lapine (rabbit) words: owsla = guards; fighters, silflay = to graze for food, elil = all natural enemies of rabbits, Frith = the lord Sun, hrududu = any motor vehicle.

From the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams. The complete novel is available here.

The audio and text presented here is formatted for the exclusive and non-profit purpose of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), also called English Language Learning (ELL)
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