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What Dreams May Come
Narrated by Robertson Dean
Written by Richard Matheson

"In this gripping story of undying love and devotion, Chris Nielsen’s life is cut short by an untimely car crash, separating him from his beloved wife, Ann. As Chris learns the true nature of survival after death, he also realizes that Heaven itself isn’t complete without Ann. Will these two soul-mates manage to reunite against seemingly impossible odds? "

"What Dreams May Come urges readers to carefully reflect on their lives and the people in their respective lives whom they love and, perhaps, take for granted. If Matheson’s version of the afterlife proves correct, then death is not to be feared and there is tremendous hope for us all. Readers of all walks of life, regardless of their beliefs, can find enjoyment and inspiration from this tale, this thought-provoking journey into the human experience as both physical and spiritual beings. "
- Amazon review

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