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Towards Zero

by Agatha Christie

Mr. Treves. The famous criminologist, loved murder mysteries...except for the fact they all began with murder. That fatal moment, he maintain, should really be the ending, the finishing stroke, or "Zero Hour" Unfortunately, Treves' brilliant mind and memory for crime would be the death of him. And now it seems everyone at Gull's Point guesthouse even superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard is hurtling straight towards Zero...

When Nevile Strange arranges to use his annual visit to Lady Tressilian bring his wife and ex-wife together, it seemed like such a good idea. But, things are going from bad to worse. Friction is building between just about everyone, and gloom seems to hang over the entire house. And when Lady Tressilian is found brutally murdered, it all seems to unravel. Now it is up to Superintendent Battle to get to the bottom of this mystery, if he can.

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