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The Lightning Thief
Narrated by Jesse Bernstein
Written by Rick Riordan

"Percy thinks he's an ordinary boy... well, kind of normal anyway. He gets kicked out of a lot of schools and seems to attract trouble, but he's a good kid really. It's just a pity his teachers can't see that. What most of them also can't see as well however is his half blood status. When his maths teacher turns out to be a demon in disguise hell bent on killing him him however, things take a decidedly weird turn. As it happens, Percy is a demi-god and he finds this out just in time to be try and stop a three fold Olympian war between his dad, Hades and Zeus.

This is a exceptionally entertaining read with wonderful characters and an action filled plot. It's funny and it's exciting and I can see why these books made such a splash in the children's literature world."
-Alyssia Cooke

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