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The Breathing Method
Narrated by Frank Muller
Written by Stephen King
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

This novella follows David, a middle-aged lawyer in New York City who finds himself invited to a strange gentleman's club. The club members share stories with one another, some funny, some horrifying... and around Christmas-time the stories tend to veer toward the supernatural. So it is that one club member, an aged doctor, elects to share the story of the titular Breathing Method -- a story about a young woman, pregnant and unmarried, whom he tended to and advised during her pregnancy. She takes his advice to heart and is determined to do whatever is necessary to ensure her child is born healthy and taken care of. Her motherly devotion will prove to be almost unnatural in its intensity, and the superhuman lengths she goes to in order to protect her unborn child will stun everyone around her... including those who hear the tale decades later.

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